Packers and Movers VS Moving Truck Rentals

You are at one of the most exciting phases of your life by finding a new home. It is the time where a lot of planning is involved and has to be done meticulously. The first thing to decide before packing begins is to decide on whether you will hire packers and movers or get a moving truck for rental.

If you are going for the second option, you tend to save on the cost. But, are you willing to put in a lot of effort for it? We help you understand as we weight both the options in this blog post.

At first, we will dwell into features of hiring Packers and movers:
Pros of Packers and Movers

Pros of Packers and Movers

There is a common notion about hiring Packers and movers and that it’s an expensive affair. This completely depends upon your requirement and the timing of your move. First of all, you need to check the ratings every company has and proceed accordingly. Certified customer reviews are important and placing cost filter would be advisable too. Businesses such as Movers Matco give professional services in very reasonable rates.

If you are short of getting personal help like your friends or family, movers are the best option to rely upon. Fix up an appointment and not much will have to be done by you. Apart from being physically present, a hulk’s share of work is done by the team. Most of the movers include extra services like unpacking too.

Cons of Packers and Movers
Cons of Packers and Movers

You will have to purchase insurance, if packers and movers are involved. Most of the companies would not take responsibility if any of the valuables get damaged. This is an additional cost to be borne by you.

There could be additional charges while you involve a team of packers and movers. They could charge you extra for parking the vehicle near your property, if your building doesn’t have a lift to charges for packing boxes too.

Features of renting a truck for moving:
Pros of moving truck rental
Pros of moving truck rental

The first and foremost advantage of hiring a rental truck is cost saving. If you are less on items to be moved, this is the best method to go for. A huge share of your cost would go down and you might spend the amount to furnish the new place.

If you could spare a day from work and do your move on a weekday, this would be perfect. Hiring a rental truck on weekdays is cheaper than you can imagine. There are offers by several companies during certain hours of a day.

Cons of moving truck rental

Professional movers doing home relocation

If you are really short on time, moving everything yourself by renting a truck is not advisable. It is a lot of physical effort and only if you have the help of your friends and family, it can work out smooth.

You will have to pay for the fuel and it would not be included in the rental. If your truck is comparatively smaller in size and you have a lot of things to be moved, a lot of trips will have to be made. This in turn creates a huge fuel charge for you.

These are some of the factors to be kept in mind as you either go for packers and movers or renting a truck. You could compare with others and see how it worked out for them. But, the best would be to choose a method that seems apt for your situation.