Most Accurate DNA Test for Ancestry

Curious about what your genes say about you and where you came from?

Your genes hold a lot of information about your ancestry and health. Online DNA testing services such as CRI genetics can give you a snapshot into your past and any health risks you’re predisposed to. One of the most popular services in this DNA test industry is Ancestry. Many people are curious about where they came from and whether they have any living relatives that they may not know about. The key to discovering your ancestry is to get accurate results.

So, where can you get the most accurate DNA Test for Ancestry?

1. AncestryDNA

This is one of the best Ancestry DNA providers in the world. Not only do you get your results back in 13 days, but it also gives you a vivid picture of your past and your relatives. The kit is easy to use even for first-timers. The company will provide a vial that you’ll fill with your saliva and mail it back to them. Technicians at the AncestryDNA labs use the saliva sample to extract and study your DNA.

The company has a database of more than 5 million DNA samples with which your DNA is matched. This helps with the accuracy of results when tracing your lineage.


Quick turnaround time
Large database
Very accurate
You get personalized results

They do not include paternal and maternal haplogroups in their tests
They don’t have a health testing add-on

2. MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

Whether MYHeritage is the most accurate DNA test for ancestry available or not is down to preference. But it comes 2nd in our list. It’s particularly handy for biogeographical heritage. MyHeritage is a bit cheaper than AncestryDNA and it’s probably the next best thing if you’re on a budget. Sampling is done using a swab rather than saliva samples. Many people find the swab more convenient to use.

They have a comprehensive database that delivers satisfactory and efficient results. You can view your results on their website where they have a feature that allows you to connect with your DNA matches from anywhere in the world.

The only downside to using this service is that saliva samples provide more information than cheek swabs. It also takes much longer to get results so MyHeritage may not be the ideal service provider if you’re in a hurry.


Convenient sample collection method
Interactive dashboard for viewing results

Has a smaller database than most competitors.
Doesn’t refer to Neanderthals and haplogroups.
3. Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit

Family Tree DNA
If you want to trace your long heritage, this company should be one of your considerations. Family Tree DNA provides an interactive and optimized approach to genetic mapping that enables you to trace people with whom you share DNA.

The Ancient origins feature allows you to find accurate ancestral links that go way back in time. They gather most of their ancestral link data from various archeological sites in Europe. If you’re from Europe, you’re likely to get very accurate results with the Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry test kit. You can also use their interactive map to trace your origins. The Family Matching System allows you to trace loads of DNA matches through parental sorting.


Robust family matching system
Large database
Free delivery of results

Delivery time is too long
Not as accurate as AncestryDNA and MyHeritage
4. 23andMe DNA Test

This is one of the most dynamic genetic services available today. It gives high quality and accurate ancestry results to all users. You can opt for the basic ancestry kit or the more expensive one with a bit more detail. Both tests are reasonably accurate.

The tests provide comprehensive information about your ancestry from 31 populations scattered across the world. It is also possible to tell whether your DNA is derived from the Neanderthals. The company uses saliva samples just like AncestryDNA.

It takes anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks to get back the results.


Very detailed ancestry reports
Explores Neanderthal ancestry
Access to geographical mapping of your ancestral heritage

Takes too long to get back results
A bit expensive
5. ORIG3N Genetic

This company has lots to offer when it comes to DNA tests for ancestry. Though the company offers a wide range of DNA test kits, the Superhero test kit is the most accurate DNA test for ancestry. The kit provides detailed information about your ancestry and heritage.

It also helps to analyze the exact composition of your DNA and your ancestry roots. For example, you can discover your physical strengths, intelligence aspects, and other abilities.

It may not help you discover your secret superhuman powers, but it can give you insights into your physical strength, body agility, and intelligence.

It can determine your strength levels by analyzing your genetic structure with the help of muscle mass (VDR) and bone strength (SOST). You can view these results on the ORIG3N mobile app. Most DNA test kits do not provide the amazing features that come with the Superhero DNA test kit.

You collect the sample using a cheek swab and post it to the company. You should get your results in tow to three weeks. ORIG3N Genetic provides the most accurate DNA test for ancestry.


The DNA test kit is easy to use.
Very detailed ancestry analysis
Fast turnaround time
A good enough DNA database

The detailed reports can be overwhelming