Family History and Your DNA: 6 Things You Need to Know

Among the revolutionary developments in the realm of the medical field are DNA tests and CRI genetics tests that bring lost blood relatives together. Though there are risks involved in the sharing your DNA data with others, knowing some essential information about such tests will always help. Read further to track down the ones you have lost.

The significance of DNA Testing
DNA test

As the title of our topic reflects, a DNA test helps in ascertaining the identity of ancestors and track down the lineage of the person being tested.

Among the reasons that this test is used for, is to find out the biological parents of a newborn baby. It often happens that mix up happens of the newborn babies at hospitals.

To find out as to which baby belongs to which couple, a DNA test is conducted. With this test, a person can know about his lost relatives and get united with them.

What are the Best DNA Tests?

There are different types of DNA tests conducted based on the needs of the applicants. These tests include:

Ancestry DNA: If you are looking for someone in the same geographical region, then this test will help you find your lost ones.

Family Tree DNA: This test leads you to the lost family members and becomes more familiar with your ancestors.

CRI genetics: CRI genetics has the best product for home DNA tests.

MyHeritage: If you are looking for a budget autosomal test, then opt for MyHeritage test.

How long does it take to get a DNA test done?

It is essential to know the time required for taking a DNA test or CRI genetics tests so that you can manage your business activities adequately.

Most of the commercial labs take 2-4 weeks to deliver results while research centers take 4 weeks at the minimum.

Which Technology is working behind such tests?

DNA tests carried out to find out lineage use autosomal DNA testing based on the microarray. It is effective in analyzing the entire genome of a person at more than 70,000 locations.

Also, there are several online tools on the internet that lets the person use their DNA results to grab better information about the family history.

Should a Person with a Bone Marrow Transplant Opt for a DNA Test?

Since bone marrow contains a significant amount of DNA, going under a bone marrow transplant will render you with the DNA of the donor. Which is no good for your DNA test.

If you really need to have an ancestry test conducted in such a situation, choose your close relatives for that. If possible, choose the ones falling on your father’s side.

Cost of a DNA Test

You have all the essential information with you now related to DNA tests, and all you need to know next is the cost that the test will include.

Well, you can have your DNA analyzed for as low as $70.

The affordability of the test largely rests on the fact that many people have started taking such tests which lead to the prevalence of many and better labs.

Though you have been made familiar with the information that you must commit to memory before taking a DNA test, there are certain risks as well associated with a DNA testing kit. Being well versed with such complications will help you yield authentic and reliable results.