7 New Job Gift Basket Ideas for Employees

Getting a new job is a huge milestone that deserves total celebration. It’s like starting a new chapter in your life, which requires all the positive energy. Whether you have a friend who just got a new job or a colleague preparing to start life in a different organization, a new job gift basket will set a good start.

Getting a new job brings bountiful happiness, but the preparation process can be pretty demanding. You’re seven ideas away from helping your friend transition into their new employment without stress. However, you should first engage your friend (indirectly) to understand their new organization and what they may require to settle.

Below are various new job gift basket ideas to facilitate your friend’s preparation for a new job.

Idea #1: The Congratulatory Gift Basket

Congratulations! That’s what everybody gets when they acquire a new job. Maybe you can be different with a congratulatory gift basket and watch how delighted the receiver will be. The basket contains the standard’ congratulations on your new job’ cards sandwiched between a customized tumbler, a notebook, a pen, celebratory wine, and cookies.

You can add other items to the corporate gift baskets. The best congratulatory items depend on how much you know the potential receiver or your relationship with them.

Idea #2: Succulent Gift Basket

A new plant mainly signifies fresh beginnings, and sometimes the journey’s progress depends on how the plant grows. Succulents would make a perfect gift for a friend who just got a job. First, the plants are tiny enough to carry around and place in one of your office corners.

To gift succulents as a gift basket, you should get the plant itself (a maximum of two is okay), a fancy plant holder that maybe matches their new office, a lip balm, and a bangle, alongside other add-on items.

Idea #3: A Customized Nameplate

Who wouldn’t love watching their names all day at their new office? A customized nameplate would make an ideal gift for someone who has just won a new job. You will have saved them from the costs and time incurred from obtaining one. Most organizations barely offer the essentials anymore but allow their staff to have their own.

A customized nameplate is calibrated with the new job holder’s name, and a rigid stand for holding the plate firmly. You can add a classic ID holder, a pen, a notebook, a congratulatory card, and a mug.

Idea #4: Office Fragrance Gift Basket

Fill your friend’s new office with heavenly scents from the office fragrance gift basket. The basket comes with an assortment of scented candles and essential oils to help the potential recipient choose different scents for various days of the week. Scented candles and essential oils deliver a peaceful atmosphere while boosting one’s mood.

Lemon and jasmine scents are best suited for offices due to their calm properties. Sharper scents might trigger discomfort from co-workers. You can accompany your selected office fragrances with a classic diffuser, a customized candle holder, an essential oil display shelf, and a fragrance guidebook for offices.

Idea #5: A Collection of Work Bags

Work bags are essential for storing and carrying one’s necessities when going to work. Imagine how awkward it would be to have your laptop, notebook, pens, water bottle, and other office items in your hands every day as you head to work.

A collection of work bags would make a perfect gift basket for a friend who landed a new job, especially if it’s their first. The basket comes with an ordinary backpack, lightweight and spacious enough to accommodate a few office and personal essentials to work, and a protective laptop sleeve.

When getting the bag, you can go for one with extra features such as a water bottle holder, an umbrella slot, a pen organization area, and foldable properties. You can add a fancy water bottle, a foldable umbrella, and pens to complete the basket.

Idea #6: A Stylish Desk Organizer

Organizing a new office can be challenging since you’re still adapting to the environment. A stylish desk organizer gift basket would help that new friend who got a new job organize their office and settle quicker than imagined.

The basket includes desk organizer items such as a pen holder, file holder, portable shelves, and a trash bin. You can add a desk calendar, light-blocking glasses, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers to the basket for more remarkable results. You can also send a few office organization tips their way.

Idea #7: Tea Bags Gift Basket

Nearly all organizations have a tea break, as the name suggests, meant for taking snacks with tea, coffee, and anything else, depending on the staff’s preferences. Sometimes, newcomers may feel slightly nervous asking where tea bags are placed or maybe what the organization offers isn’t their favourite.

Therefore, a tea bag gift basket will have your friend’s tea break needs in place as they strive to discover more about the organization. The basket contains different tea bag flavours, such as cinnamon, ginger, and lemon.

Additionally, you can accompany the gift basket with a personalized tea mug, celebratory cookies, salad containers, and an insulated water bottle. The aim is to create a comfortable office in your friend’s new workplace.